Old Friends Double Down in #8.5 Nevada Ropings


John Guerrero of Wadsworth, NV and Jerry Parrish of Klamath Falls, OR are on a heater! The duo left the High Desert World Series of Team Roping Qualifier in Fallon after winning the #8.5 and came into Reno with the goal to win the Wrangler BFI Reno #8.5 Over 50 roping presented by YETI. 


Prior to 2021 it had been about 21 years since Guerrero, owner of a construction company,  had cracked out the ole’ head rope out and ran a few down but he came back into the wonderful world of team roping without missing a beat earning himself a few qualifications for the WSTR Finale this December in Vegas. 

Former INFR competitors know that perseverance pays off. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

Meanwhile, Parrish, a full time rancher, has been busy taking care of cattle during the drought and hasn’t had much time to rope. “Well I have a good story”, notes Parrish, “I was laying in bed and planning on sleeping in and the phone rings at 6:30 in the morning. John (Guerrero) calls up and says “Hey, what are you doing? You need to get your buns to Reno” I told him I’m busy and broke but John goes “I’ll pay your fees and you pay me back when you get here” and here we stand.”


The partners have roped together in the past, even entering several INFR (Indian National Finals Rodeo) ropings. As they reflect on their previous entries together the friends can’t think of a time when they missed a steer or perhaps they just didn’t want to admit to any misses on good runs together. 


Guerrero was riding his 25 year-old horse Leroy in today’s #8.5. He reflects back to his days as a Perry Di Loreto Contestant and notes that at the time Leroy was his practice horse. “He was 2-3 years old when we were practicing at home for the PDL. We roped a lot of steers and he was the practice horse. I had a bunch of people from Arizona come down and rope at my place and then we’d all come over and rope.” 


Parrish was wheelin’ beef on his 21 year-old horse whom he purchased off of a “this little piggy goes to market trailer” for $400 when he was 3 years-old. “Let’s just call him Roany since he worked great today. He has a few other names but today he earned his keep.” He credits his horse for helping him get the win today, “I’m gonna go take care of that horse that got me right here. Give him a drink of water and put him away.” 

Guerro and Parrish win their second #8.5 roping for the week. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

With 59 teams in the #8.5 Over 50 the ropers knew they needed to stay consistent and said it all came down to “perseverance”. When asked about their game plan going into today Parrish replied, “We just rope and don’t talk about it. The only thing I ask is that he (Guerrero) slows them down.” 


The newly crowned winners were humbled by the win and noted, “We did not beat ourselves. The high call team had some bad luck and you know maybe they beat themselves. Our steer had nothing to do with what they did on their steer. We just didn’t want to beat ourselves.” 


Guerrero is excited to have the BFI back in Reno, “I think it’s great! I know it’s a lot of hard work and with the COVID pandemic going on but it’s a blessing to get to come back and to have this opportunity.”  

New wood for the #8.5 Champs courtesy of Cactus Saddlery. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

Guerrero and Parrish won themselves a nice check for $31,000 along with buckles from Gist Silversmiths, saddles from Cactus Saddlery, saddle pads from Best Ever Pads, new hats from Resistol, and duffle bags from YETI. 


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