Jaxson Tucker Sets Sights On Reno Redemption


Jaxson Tucker, a 19 year old North Carolina native, was living out his childhood dream as he headed into the short round of his first-ever Bob Feist Invitational this past March at Lazy E Arena. Along with partner Dustin Searcy, the duo was ready to battle it out on the 6th steer of the day in hopes of a Feist Championship. Unfortunately the dream turned into a nightmare when Tucker missed the final steer. “The 13th part was really a let down for me”, said Tucker, “I’m bad about being hard on myself but it does build a lot of confidence in knowing that you’re putting yourself in good spots to win.” Wise words for a young gun! “I’ve watched team roping and have roped all my life. Besides making the NFR and winning the average or a gold buckle, the BFI is the biggest thing to me. To win it would be overwhelming and a huge check off in my book!”


Using his experience from Guthrie, Tucker is setting his sights on the Wrangler BFI Reno Open Championship presented by Wild Rag Vodka for a chance at redemption and will be partnering up with none other than 2019 BFI Champion Heeler, Lane Siggins. “Jaxson called me asking to go to California. I always thought Jaxson headed good, had nice horses and roped great. That’s where we started”, said the reigning Reno champ. Siggins (and partner JR Dees) roped their tails off at the 2019 Feist and it was no surprise when the high-call team won the coveted title. Their 44.62 seconds on 6 even put them as the 7th fastest average team in the BFI record books! 


When asked about his new partnership with Siggins, Tucker replied, “I’m ready to try to get through the Reno Open Championship with someone that’s already fought through the whole day and has been a past champion. It’s extremely hard to stay focused all day long at the biggest roping we go to all year”. The payout for first place in the Reno Open is a guaranteed $100,000 along with great prizes from Coat Saddles, Gist Buckles, Bullkelp Bedrolls, Resistol Hats, and Best Ever Pads but first the ropers will have to make it through 100+ plus teams, an 18’ score and at least 5 steers. Once tackling this feat, the top 15 will continue to battle it out in the Wrangler Priefert Short Round. Siggins is ready and wouldn’t mind another big payout, jokingly saying, “So ready to win Reno again. I could use the $50,000!” 


As far as a new game strategy, Tucker doesn’t plan on making any significant changes other than changing up partners and possibly horses, “There’s really no other roping or scenario like that it seems. In Guthrie, I rode a 9 year old mare that I call Katy who I had just recently gotten at the time. She did great and worked perfect for me all day. The only reason I rode her is because my best horse MC Hammer was coming out of an injury and I thought it would be hard on him. I’m not positive but I think that I will most likely be riding him in Reno.” 


Meanwhile his accomplished heeler, Siggins, has full confidence in his partner and says Tucker has a good head on him for the BFI and is a smart roper. “He will do great! I’m excited for 8 AM on the 21st to roll around. There’s no feeling like Reno!”


Tucker will be locked and loaded with his Classic Rope Powerline Lite on Monday, June 21st at Reno Sparks Livestock Event Center along with Siggins and 102 other teams ready to compete for the Wrangler BFI Reno Open Championship presented by Wild Rag Vodka. Tickets available to purchase on-site or watch live at www.wranglernetwork.com.


By: Abby Barnes