Fun Faces in the #12.5 Desert Showdown Cowboy Crowd in Reno


By Kendra Santos

In a 152-team field full of all varieties of recreational ropers—including moms, dads, grandparents and sponsors who make their livings outside of the arena and rope because they love it—it was fun to also see a few faces in the crowd from all corners of the rodeo world. Clayton Biglow’s best known as a bareback rider, Tyler Pearson’s a world-class bulldogger and Richard Eiguren made his mark as a professional header. But Biglow’s heading, and Pearson and Eiguren are heeling here in the Reno Livestock Events Center today at the Wrangler BFI Reno #12.5 Desert Showdown presented by YETI.

World Champion Bareback Rider Clayton Biglow

Clayton Biglow wears the gold buckle engraved 2019 World Champion Bareback Rider. He’s heading for fellow Californian Wyatt Adams in the #12.5 Desert Showdown here in Reno.

Newlyweds Annie Rose and Clayton Biglow enjoying a day of team roping at the Reno Livestock Events Center. Kendra Santos Photo


“We’ve been roping at a few of the pro rodeos, and we were rolling back through here on our way home, so we stopped in to rope in Reno,” Biglow said. “I’m up in the bareback riding Thursday and Friday (at the Reno Rodeo), and we’re roping in slack here on Friday morning. This roping pays really good, so there was no reason not to be here today.

“I love to rope, and in my lifetime I’ve roped a lot more than I’ve ridden bareback horses. I’d really like to make the (California) Circuit Finals and put my name on the all-around (world standings) board.”

World Champion Steer Wrestler Tyler Pearson

With 8.2 on two bulldogging steers over at the Reno Rodeo, Tyler Pearson’s placing in both rounds and has taken a commanding lead in the average. He had planned to fly out to the rodeo in Springdale, Arkansas, but since he’s a shoo-in for the short round on Saturday night decided to stay here and rope. He’s heeling for Californians Danny Goddard and Charlie Quinn in the #12.5 Desert Showdown.

Danny Goddard turning one for bulldogger Tyler Pearson. Andersen C Bar C Photo

“I fell in love with team roping a long time ago,” said Mississippi native Pearson, who lives in Oklahoma now. “I rope all the time at home. Bulldogging hurts, but I can team rope when I’m an old man. And this is a great roping. The only shot I have as a steer wrestler to win this kind of money is (at the NFR) in December. We can come here, and if we can catch four steers we can win a pile. And we don’t have to beat the best guys in the world to do it.”

Pearson rode NFR heeler Kyle Lockett’s rodeo horse Stinky here at the Desert Showdown.

“I turned him a few steers just for fun when he was in California for Stan Branco’s wedding the other day,” Lockett said. “Pearson heels good. He’s been entering a few rodeos, too.”

NFR Header Richard Eiguren

Richard “Pook” Eiguren’s a National Finals Rodeo header and ranch cowboy supreme who’s always been known for having great horses. His palomino horse Calhoon was a two-time Head Horse of the Year before he ended up in Cowboy King Trevor Brazile’s trailer. Eiguren’s bay horse Jim was the Head Horse of the BFI one year in Reno when Pook headed for Lockett. Jim then helped Turtle Powell win the world when he rode him at the 2011 NFR. Oregon-native Pook is heeling here in the #12.5 Desert Showdown for Nevada’s Jason Jones.

NFR header Richard Eiguren showing off his heeling handiwork in Reno. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

“I’m here because this is a good roping, and it’s only four and a half hours from my house,” Eiguren said. “Before anybody gets too impressed, if you saw my last heel shot, it was horrible. Sh*t-house luck struck again.”

“Pook’s a cowboy’s cowboy, and he always rides really good horses,” Lockett said. “He’s like the mayor of Winnemucca, because he’s won the ranch rodeo there so many times.”

Richard Eiguren, Kyle Lockett and Tyler Pearson at the #12.5 Desert Showdown in Reno.
Kendra Santos Photo