New Bling for C1H All-Girl Breakaway Veteran

Kelsie Chace’s new engagement ring won’t be the only new bling she’ll be rocking this summer! The 8x WPRA World Champion just won herself a new Gist Silversmiths buckle after winning the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway title during the Wrangler BFI Reno Championship presented by YETI. 


Newly engaged to Ryan Domer of Western Legacy Company, Chace says, “He thought my luck might change if I had a little something extra to carry around.” Oh boy was he right! Before the breakaway began, Chace had entered the C1H All-GIrl Team Roping and finished 5th in the average with partner Emily Gately. 


The night prior to the C1H All-Girl Challenge, Chace along with a handful of other C1H veteran ropers like Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson had caught a private charter plane to get back to Reno. The ladies had already roped their first set in the Reno Rodeo, flew home to some local rodeos in Texas, then caught a flight back to make the C1H All-Girl Challenge.


It’s exciting times for the breakaway competitors with 2020 including breakaway in the National Finals Rodeo and more pro-rodeos adding on money for the event. “It’s crazy that breakaway ropers can make a living at it now and that it’s multiple breakaway ropers, not just your top tier anymore. It’s kinda everyone’s ball game. I love that it’s evolving and that the younger girls won’t know any different. They won’t know any different than big money and pro rodeo. It’s exciting,” said Chace. 


Chace has come close to winning the C1H All-Girl Breakaway Championship a handful of times so to say this victory was much-deserved is an understatement! Her most memorable year was 2019 when she came back high-call but broke out and fell out of the average. She admitted that that run was in the back of her mind today but stated, “I tried to do my job today. The calves were all good and I just try to do my job every time. I’m a numbers girl so I knew exactly what I had to be and when second and third high-call went out I knew I needed to be smart about it.”


Fan recognized Little Man, Chace’s 15 year-old Chestnut Gelding that she’s had for the last three years, helping her run them down the Reno Sparks Livestock Arena. Chace claims he’s her “#1 pick”. When asked about her game strategy Chace replied, “As silly as it sounds, I try to keep it simple. Honestly I hadn’t had much luck lately and I’ve kinda had heck at some of the pro rodeos so I was really needing this or wanting this for sure. I just told myself it doesn’t matter what I draw or what happens I’m going to control what I do.”


The Okie native (originally from Cherokee) had nothing but good things to say about the Lazy E Arena but wasn’t partial to either location. “I like ‘em both! Of course in Guthrie the arena is a lot bigger and the set up is longer so you run ‘em down farther. You get to go alot faster in Reno but it doesn’t take anything away from either one. They’re both great ropings, both pay amazing. I like to rope no matter where we’re at!”.


Chace will keep the momentum going as she heads to Prineville, OR and Greeley, CO to continue the long standing tradition of Cowboy Christmas. We wish her the best of luck and look forward to seeing continued success for her in the arena!


To view the full results of the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway, click here.

Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Results

Average Results

  1. Kelsie Chace, 8.21 on 3, $7,000; 2. Shelli Scrivner, 8.75 on 3, $4,000; 3. Fallon Ruffoni, 9.66 on 3, $3,000; 4. Morgan Brown, 10.06 on 3, $2,000; 5. Hanna Snodgrass, 10.24 on 3, $1,000.


18 & Under Incentive

  1. Fallon Ruffoni, 9.66 on 3, $1,000


American Qualifier Sidepot 

  1. Fallon Ruffoni, 9.66 on 3, $175


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Sarah Angelone, 2.42 seconds, $800; 2. Kelsie Chace, 2.55 seconds, $600; 3. Whitlee Burgess, 2.56 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Jackie Crawford, 2.20 seconds, $800; 2. Hope Thompson, 2.42 seconds, $600; 3. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.47 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.65 seconds, $500.

Lucky Draw Lands Johnson and 3X C1H Champ $17K Richer

The ladies came to rope this morning at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center for the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping! With many returning veterans and a few new faces to the lineup, the air was filled with anticipation to kick-off the day with the team roping.  


Jenna Johnson of Warm Springs, OR had made the journey down with Serena Dahozy from Parshall, ND to enter the C1H All-Girl Team Roping. In a time crunch, the girls drove straight to Reno, “We didn’t get a chance to go to my house to get my horses. So I came here and had to borrow a shirt, a hat, a horse, boots, the whole works!”. Fortunately Johnson had previous experience with the horse she was riding and knew it was a dependable ride. 


Usually a breakaway roper and not much of a header, Johnson entered one time in the C1H Team Roping with Dahozy and as luck would have it drew (then) two time Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Champion Heeler Whitney DeSalvo. “It takes the pressure off roping with someone like Whitney or Serena” says Johnson, “I know I can just go in and do my job and they’ll do theirs”. She also credits Dahozy, whom she calls family, for supporting her. 


Meanwhile DeSalvo was entered up with none other than Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson whom she finished third in the average with for $3,750 a piece. Also returning with DeSalvo was her infamous stick Becky. “We had a full trailer coming down. I hauled Lari Dee, Hope, and Annette’s (Stahl) horses out here and then two of the three boys I brought out here had horses so I brought Becky for me and Blaine to ride. It’s hard to go to Reno without Becky.” 


DeSalvo has been totin’ Blaine and Cooper around while doing some amateur rodeo on the side. Cooper was unable to make the trip to Reno since he was competing at the National Junior High Rodeo Finals this week in Des Moines, Iowa while Blaine joined us for the Hooey JR BFI #10.5 which took place on Saturday, June 19th. 


The $17,000 payout for the C1H All-Girl Team Roping was the biggest win-to-date for Johnson and she already had plans to put the money to use. During the Covid-19 pandemic Johnson was laid off and spent her time studying to get her pilot’s license. With her practical coming up in 2 weeks, she plans to use the money for school and has aspirations to become a commercial pilot. She’ll be leaving Reno and heading home to stick her nose in the books. 


DeSalvo will be traveling back home as well to a very excited mom, Debra DeSalvo. “She answered the phone squealing. She didn’t say hello or anything, just lots of squeals. She’s working right now driving on her route so she said she pulled over on the side of the road and was just sitting on the side of the road watching. I couldn’t do it without her. She’s excited like it’s the first time I’ve ever won, every time.” 


Being no stranger to the award stage, not only has DeSalvo won this roping three times but has placed in the average multiple times in the same year. One of her most memorable wins was from the 2020 when the BFI had to move to Guthrie after the cancellation of Reno Rodeo. DeSalvo won 1st place with Hope Thompson, 2nd place with Lari Dee Guy, and 3rd place with Audrey Hart. Shortly after she was raised to a #8 heeler, the highest numbered female in the sport of team roping. 


When asked about whether she prefers Guthrie or Reno, DeSalvo replied, “It just feels like the normal BFI here. Guthrie is great I love the roping at Guthrie. You can’t beat the Reno feel, you’re not going to get that in OK. They both have pros and cons but you don’t make trips like this as often throughout the year as you do for the BFI.” 


To view the full results of the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping, click here.

Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping Results

Average Results

  1. Jenna Johnson and Whitney DeSalvo, 34.97 on 4, $17,000; 2. Kenna Francis and Lorraine Moreno, 36.15 on 4, $11,000; 3. Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo, 37.24 on 4, $7,500; 4. Emily Gately and Kelsie Chace, 37.33 on 4, $6,500; 5. Kelsey Barry and Serena Dahozy, 38.68 on 4, $3,000; 6. Kylie McLean and Kim Grubbs, 38.75 on 4, $2,000; 7. Sadie Noblitt and Lorraine Moreno, 42.41 on 4, $1,500.


Incentive Average Results

  1. Rylee George and Alison Grantham, 26.31 on 3, $5,000; 2. Kelsey Barry and Serena Dahozy, 27.72 on 3, $3,000; 3. McKenzie Gunter and Megan E Gunter, 31.35 on 3, $1,500; Kelsey Barry and Rylie Smith, 37.77 on 3, $1,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Lari Dee Guy and Whitney DeSalvo, 6.58 seconds, $1,000; 2. Kylie McLean and Kim Grubbs, 7.03 seconds, $750; 3. Pam Wilken and Tammy White, 7.45 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Beverly Robbins and Jessy Remsburg, 6.27 seconds, $1,000; 2. Rylee George and Rylie Smith, 6.35 seconds, $750; 3. Rylee George and Tammy White, 6.80 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Bailey Kretschmer and Kim Grubbs, 6.87 seconds, $1,000. 

Old Friends Double Down in #8.5 Nevada Ropings

John Guerrero of Wadsworth, NV and Jerry Parrish of Klamath Falls, OR are on a heater! The duo left the High Desert World Series of Team Roping Qualifier in Fallon after winning the #8.5 and came into Reno with the goal to win the Wrangler BFI Reno #8.5 Over 50 roping presented by YETI. 


Prior to 2021 it had been about 21 years since Guerrero, owner of a construction company,  had cracked out the ole’ head rope out and ran a few down but he came back into the wonderful world of team roping without missing a beat earning himself a few qualifications for the WSTR Finale this December in Vegas. 

Former INFR competitors know that perseverance pays off. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

Meanwhile, Parrish, a full time rancher, has been busy taking care of cattle during the drought and hasn’t had much time to rope. “Well I have a good story”, notes Parrish, “I was laying in bed and planning on sleeping in and the phone rings at 6:30 in the morning. John (Guerrero) calls up and says “Hey, what are you doing? You need to get your buns to Reno” I told him I’m busy and broke but John goes “I’ll pay your fees and you pay me back when you get here” and here we stand.”


The partners have roped together in the past, even entering several INFR (Indian National Finals Rodeo) ropings. As they reflect on their previous entries together the friends can’t think of a time when they missed a steer or perhaps they just didn’t want to admit to any misses on good runs together. 


Guerrero was riding his 25 year-old horse Leroy in today’s #8.5. He reflects back to his days as a Perry Di Loreto Contestant and notes that at the time Leroy was his practice horse. “He was 2-3 years old when we were practicing at home for the PDL. We roped a lot of steers and he was the practice horse. I had a bunch of people from Arizona come down and rope at my place and then we’d all come over and rope.” 


Parrish was wheelin’ beef on his 21 year-old horse whom he purchased off of a “this little piggy goes to market trailer” for $400 when he was 3 years-old. “Let’s just call him Roany since he worked great today. He has a few other names but today he earned his keep.” He credits his horse for helping him get the win today, “I’m gonna go take care of that horse that got me right here. Give him a drink of water and put him away.” 

Guerro and Parrish win their second #8.5 roping for the week. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

With 59 teams in the #8.5 Over 50 the ropers knew they needed to stay consistent and said it all came down to “perseverance”. When asked about their game plan going into today Parrish replied, “We just rope and don’t talk about it. The only thing I ask is that he (Guerrero) slows them down.” 


The newly crowned winners were humbled by the win and noted, “We did not beat ourselves. The high call team had some bad luck and you know maybe they beat themselves. Our steer had nothing to do with what they did on their steer. We just didn’t want to beat ourselves.” 


Guerrero is excited to have the BFI back in Reno, “I think it’s great! I know it’s a lot of hard work and with the COVID pandemic going on but it’s a blessing to get to come back and to have this opportunity.”  

New wood for the #8.5 Champs courtesy of Cactus Saddlery. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

Guerrero and Parrish won themselves a nice check for $31,000 along with buckles from Gist Silversmiths, saddles from Cactus Saddlery, saddle pads from Best Ever Pads, new hats from Resistol, and duffle bags from YETI. 


To view the full results of the Wrangler Reno Championship #8.5 Over 50 presented by YETI, click here.

Wrangler 8.5 Over 50 Results

Average Results

  1. John Guerrero and Jerry Parrish, 52.65 on 4, $31,000; 2. Wayne Lund and Dave J Tyndall, 58.49 on 4, $21,000; 3. Dean Voigt and Bill Harrison, 31.33 on 3, $12,000; 4. Walt Scott and Pedro Perez, 54.82 on 3, $9,500; 5. Butch Pope and Bill Arnold, 70.87 on 3, $8,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Randy C Brooks and Albert Aguayo, 8.38 seconds, $4,000; 2. Ted Hagler and Ken D Hasenbank, 9.06 seconds, $2,000.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Ronnie W Gee and Jeff Atkinson, 8.60 seconds, $4,000; 2. Lowell Goold and Kent Storer, 8.82 seconds, $2,000. 

Shepherd and Johnson Get Lucky in #9.5 Over 40

Sometimes it comes down to getting lucky finding the right partner and it was no exception for Randal Shepherd of Sanger, CA and Lance Johnson of Fallon, NV when it came to their first-time partnership for the Wrangler Reno Championship #9.5 Over 40 presented by YETI. 


Shepherd, a retired business partner from a produce wholesale distribution company, is an avid roper at the World Series of Team Roping Qualifiers produced in California by California Shootouts. When asked if Shepherd had competed in the BFI Week ropings previously he shared that he had entered the Perry Di Loreto one year, made the short round as the high team back but unfortunately had a stroke of bad luck and missed the last steer for $100,000… you can’t win them all! He planned on maxing out his entries in the #9.5 Over 40 but had to make new arrangements and luckily ended up entering on-site with Johnson. 

Shepherd and his good bay are making the most of their time in Reno. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

The Nevada native Johnson spends the majority of his time “playing in the dirt” running his construction company. While he opted out of the warm up roping in Fallon, he spends as much time as he can roping. Johnson and Shepherd knew each other through a mutual friend but had never roped together before today. 


“I just thank God that he (Shepherd) drug them through my loop”, laughed Johnson about their performance today. Shepherd was mounted on his big pretty 18 year-old bay horse for the day that he will also be riding in the #8.5 Over 50 roping to follow. Meanwhile Johnson was mounted on his 9 year-black gelding that he’s owned for the past 1 ½ years. 


The new partners came into the short round as the 2nd high call team with plenty of cushion which they needed with Johnson roping a leg on the final steer. Their fans in the crowd let out cheers as everyone at the Reno Sparks Livestock Event Center watched the high back team miss for the $24,000 pay day and secure Shepherd and Johnsons win. 


Along with the $12,000 a man payout, Shepherd and Johnson walked off with an impressive plethora of prizes from Gist Silversmiths, Resistol, Best Ever Pads, Cactus Saddlery, and YETI. Both Shepherd and Johnson said they have never won such an extensive lineup of prizes before and were very thankful to all of the sponsors.


To view the full results of the Wrangler Reno Championship #9.5 Over 40 presented by YETI, click here

Shepherd and Johnson fastest on four steers today in the 9.5 Over 40. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

9.5 Over 40 Results

Average Results

  1. Randal Shepherd and Lance Johnson, 50.04 on 4, $24,000; 2. Chad Merchant and John Copeland, 63.12 on 4, $15,000; 3. Jamie Anthony and Mark Smith, 66.82 on 4, $12,000; 4. Clint Bruised Head and Biff Talbott, 25.60 on 3, $9,000; 5. Brad McGilchrist and Robert Perez, 35.43 on 3, $7,000; 6. Jerry Stutts and Jess Mann, 37.70 on 3, $5,500; 7. Anthony Borgatello II and Kim Grubbs, 39.03 on 3, $5,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Clint Bruised Head and Biff Talbott, 7.55 seconds, $4,000; 2. Justin Franks and Jerry Stutts, 8.06 seconds, $2,000.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Ted Hagler and Kim Grubbs, 7.71 seconds, $4,000; 2. Anthony Borgatello II and Kim Grubbs, 8.06 seconds, $2,000.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Chad Merchant and John Copeland, 10.49 seconds, $3,000.

10.5 Reno Invitational Results

Average Results

  1. Bart Bonfantini and Rick Fausone, 42.60 on four, $36,000; 2. Nora Hung-Lee and Justin J Johnson, 44.49 on 4, $23,000; 3. Jum Estill and Carl Johnson, 45.05 on four, $10,000; 4. Erik Phillips and Alan Hall, 46.76 on 4, $9,000; 5. Jody Higgins and Mark Smith, 56.10 on 4, $8,000; 6. Jerry Stutts and Jess Mann, 65.52 on 4, $7,000.


Consolation Average Results

  1. Justin Allen and Rodney Teichert, 29.82 on 3, $5,000; 2. Hannah White and Jason Small, 31.77 on 3, $4,000; 3. Coby LittleSoldier and Shad Feild, 32.45 on 3, $3,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Willie Coversup and Nick Nalder, 7.85 seconds, $4,000; 2. Randy C Brooks and Tyrell Memmott, 8.63 seconds, $3,000.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Kylie McLean and Kim Grubbs, 7.24 seconds, $4,000; 2. Jim Estill and Carl Johnson, 7.35 seconds, $3,000.


Fast Time Round 3

  1. Michael J Baker and Chris Pomeroy, 6.18 seconds, $4,000; 2. Ricky Schultz and Russell Hild, 7.13 seconds, $3,000.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Jeremy Eaton and David Eaton, 16.63 seconds, $1,500; 2. Nora Hunt-Lee and Justin J Johnson, 8.92 seconds, $1,000

Bart Bonfantini and Rick Fausone Strike at #10.5 Reno Invitational

By Kendra Santos

Consistency was king for California cowboys Bart Bonfantini and Rick Fausone, who took the victory lap at the Wrangler BFI #10.5 Reno Invitational presented by YETI today at the Reno Livestock Events Center after roping four steers in 42.60 seconds. Produce shipper Bonfantini and farrier Fausone were 10.38, 10.47, 10.93 and 10.82 seconds on their four steers to seal the $36,000 deal and finish first in the 51-team field. The #10.5 featured an 85-percent payback and a boatload of prizes, including Browning Rifles, Gist Buckles, Bullkelp Bedrolls, Resistol Hats, Best Ever Saddle Pads and YETI cups to the fortunate first-place team.


“I haven’t been here to rope in Reno in about 10 years,” said Bonfantini, who’s 60 and grew up in the original Cowboy Capital of the World in Oakdale, California. “The kids are all gone—they’ve graduated from college, and are off the payroll now—so I can finally afford to come rope again. 


“My biggest roping check before today was about $8,000, and that was here in Reno. I’ve placed at some World Series ropings, but nothing like this $18,000 check. This is the biggest win of my life so far, for sure.”

$36,000, Browning rifles, and a whole lot of other prizes for these champions. Andersen C Bar C Photo.


Bonfantini and his wife, Toni, live in Prunedale, California now, which is near Salinas. It’s the perfect location in the area known as “The Salad Bowl of the World” for a produce professional.


“I’m in the produce business, and we receive, cool, store and ship produce all over the world,” said the #4 Plus header, who rode a 10-year-old gray horse he calls Poncho, whom he purchased from California timed-event cowboy Rhett Kennedy as a 6-year-old, then finished himself as a head horse. “With work, I get to rope about three days a week. But Rick and I went to Wickenburg (Arizona) for 10 days this winter, and had a big roping adventure. We have a lot of fun roping together.”

Bonfantini and Fausone roped four steers in 42.60 seconds, winning the #10.5 Reno Invitational average. Andersen C Bar C Photo.

There’s a pretty great story behind the paint mare Fausone pulled pipes on today. Rick bought Susie out of someone’s back yard as a 19-year-old prospect a couple years ago. She’d never been in an arena before. 


“She didn’t cost much, so I really didn’t take that big a chance on her,” smiled Fausone, 58, who calls Chowchilla, California home. “Susie’s 21 now, and by golly, she made a heel horse.”


Rick, who’s a #5 Plus heeler, said he felt the heat coming back second high call. But he kept it simple in his mind to minimize the stress. 


“I just had to rope two feet, and I knew I could do it,” he said. “This is the most I’ve ever won roping. My biggest check before today was for $7,000 heeling for my uncle Dub Cowden here at the Reno Rodeo in 1991.”


In case you’re curious, yes, National Finals Rodeo team ropers Cody and Liddon Cowden are Fausone’s cousins. 


“I don’t exactly know what I’ll do with all this money,” Rick said. “I guess I’ll stick it in the bank and get to go rope more. Bart’s a good partner. We’ve roped a lot together the last couple years, and he catches a lot.”


Their post-roping game plan was to go out and celebrate with a nice dinner and a drink or two.


“But I’ll be in bed by 10,” Bonfantini beamed. “I’m roping in the #8.5 Over 50 roping here tomorrow. They do an amazing job with these ropings. I’m so impressed. We got to watch the BFI (Reno Open) yesterday, and the #12.5 (Desert Showdown) earlier today before we roped. I took a few days off, and we’re making a fun little mini vacation out of it. I love it here in Reno. And it’s impressive what happens here for the roping industry.”


Nora Hunt-Lee and Justin Johnson came from sixth high call back to finish second in the roping with 44.49 seconds on four steers. Their team took home $23,000. Jim Estill and Carl Johnson were 45.05 on four for third, and Erik Phillips and Alan Hall finished fourth in the average in 46.76 seconds. The three-steer consolation average was won by Justin Allen and Rodney Teichert with 29.82 on three. 


To see complete results from Wrangler BFI 10.5 Reno Invitational, click here.