Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Breakaway Results

Average Results

  1. Kelsie Chace, 8.21 on 3, $7,000; 2. Shelli Scrivner, 8.75 on 3, $4,000; 3. Fallon Ruffoni, 9.66 on 3, $3,000; 4. Morgan Brown, 10.06 on 3, $2,000; 5. Hanna Snodgrass, 10.24 on 3, $1,000.


18 & Under Incentive

  1. Fallon Ruffoni, 9.66 on 3, $1,000


American Qualifier Sidepot 

  1. Fallon Ruffoni, 9.66 on 3, $175


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Sarah Angelone, 2.42 seconds, $800; 2. Kelsie Chace, 2.55 seconds, $600; 3. Whitlee Burgess, 2.56 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Jackie Crawford, 2.20 seconds, $800; 2. Hope Thompson, 2.42 seconds, $600; 3. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.47 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Shelby Boisjoli, 2.65 seconds, $500.

Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping Results

Average Results

  1. Jenna Johnson and Whitney DeSalvo, 34.97 on 4, $17,000; 2. Kenna Francis and Lorraine Moreno, 36.15 on 4, $11,000; 3. Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo, 37.24 on 4, $7,500; 4. Emily Gately and Kelsie Chace, 37.33 on 4, $6,500; 5. Kelsey Barry and Serena Dahozy, 38.68 on 4, $3,000; 6. Kylie McLean and Kim Grubbs, 38.75 on 4, $2,000; 7. Sadie Noblitt and Lorraine Moreno, 42.41 on 4, $1,500.


Incentive Average Results

  1. Rylee George and Alison Grantham, 26.31 on 3, $5,000; 2. Kelsey Barry and Serena Dahozy, 27.72 on 3, $3,000; 3. McKenzie Gunter and Megan E Gunter, 31.35 on 3, $1,500; Kelsey Barry and Rylie Smith, 37.77 on 3, $1,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Lari Dee Guy and Whitney DeSalvo, 6.58 seconds, $1,000; 2. Kylie McLean and Kim Grubbs, 7.03 seconds, $750; 3. Pam Wilken and Tammy White, 7.45 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Beverly Robbins and Jessy Remsburg, 6.27 seconds, $1,000; 2. Rylee George and Rylie Smith, 6.35 seconds, $750; 3. Rylee George and Tammy White, 6.80 seconds, $500.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Bailey Kretschmer and Kim Grubbs, 6.87 seconds, $1,000. 

Wrangler 8.5 Over 50 Results

Average Results

  1. John Guerrero and Jerry Parrish, 52.65 on 4, $31,000; 2. Wayne Lund and Dave J Tyndall, 58.49 on 4, $21,000; 3. Dean Voigt and Bill Harrison, 31.33 on 3, $12,000; 4. Walt Scott and Pedro Perez, 54.82 on 3, $9,500; 5. Butch Pope and Bill Arnold, 70.87 on 3, $8,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Randy C Brooks and Albert Aguayo, 8.38 seconds, $4,000; 2. Ted Hagler and Ken D Hasenbank, 9.06 seconds, $2,000.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Ronnie W Gee and Jeff Atkinson, 8.60 seconds, $4,000; 2. Lowell Goold and Kent Storer, 8.82 seconds, $2,000. 

9.5 Over 40 Results

Average Results

  1. Randal Shepherd and Lance Johnson, 50.04 on 4, $24,000; 2. Chad Merchant and John Copeland, 63.12 on 4, $15,000; 3. Jamie Anthony and Mark Smith, 66.82 on 4, $12,000; 4. Clint Bruised Head and Biff Talbott, 25.60 on 3, $9,000; 5. Brad McGilchrist and Robert Perez, 35.43 on 3, $7,000; 6. Jerry Stutts and Jess Mann, 37.70 on 3, $5,500; 7. Anthony Borgatello II and Kim Grubbs, 39.03 on 3, $5,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Clint Bruised Head and Biff Talbott, 7.55 seconds, $4,000; 2. Justin Franks and Jerry Stutts, 8.06 seconds, $2,000.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Ted Hagler and Kim Grubbs, 7.71 seconds, $4,000; 2. Anthony Borgatello II and Kim Grubbs, 8.06 seconds, $2,000.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Chad Merchant and John Copeland, 10.49 seconds, $3,000.

10.5 Reno Invitational Results

Average Results

  1. Bart Bonfantini and Rick Fausone, 42.60 on four, $36,000; 2. Nora Hung-Lee and Justin J Johnson, 44.49 on 4, $23,000; 3. Jum Estill and Carl Johnson, 45.05 on four, $10,000; 4. Erik Phillips and Alan Hall, 46.76 on 4, $9,000; 5. Jody Higgins and Mark Smith, 56.10 on 4, $8,000; 6. Jerry Stutts and Jess Mann, 65.52 on 4, $7,000.


Consolation Average Results

  1. Justin Allen and Rodney Teichert, 29.82 on 3, $5,000; 2. Hannah White and Jason Small, 31.77 on 3, $4,000; 3. Coby LittleSoldier and Shad Feild, 32.45 on 3, $3,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Willie Coversup and Nick Nalder, 7.85 seconds, $4,000; 2. Randy C Brooks and Tyrell Memmott, 8.63 seconds, $3,000.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Kylie McLean and Kim Grubbs, 7.24 seconds, $4,000; 2. Jim Estill and Carl Johnson, 7.35 seconds, $3,000.


Fast Time Round 3

  1. Michael J Baker and Chris Pomeroy, 6.18 seconds, $4,000; 2. Ricky Schultz and Russell Hild, 7.13 seconds, $3,000.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Jeremy Eaton and David Eaton, 16.63 seconds, $1,500; 2. Nora Hunt-Lee and Justin J Johnson, 8.92 seconds, $1,000

BFI Reno 12.5 Desert Showdown Results

Average Results

  1. Trenton Jones and Casey Felton, 31.52 on 4, $50,000; 2. Brad Carpenter and Richard Albisu, 33.32 on 4, $35,000; 3. Tony Steele and Chad Steele, 34.36 on 4, $24,000; 4. Shawn Sullivan and Nathan Singletary, 34.60 on 4, $20,000; 5. Brad Carpenter and Marlow Eldridge, 35.06 on 4, $16,000; 6. Gus King and Jason A Eiguren, 37.24 on 4, $12,500; 7. Kersti Passig and Jake Ward, 37.62 on 4, $10,500; 8. Jason Jones and Richard Eiguren, 38.06 on 4, $9,000; 9. Brooke Wilson and Greg Zwernemann, 40.54 on 4, $8,000; 10. Emily Gately and Reno Stoebner, 41.21 on 4, $7,000; 11. Delaney Kunau and Clay Elkington, 41.56 on 4, $6,000; 12. Mackay Spyrow and Cody Stewart, 43.39 on 4, $5,500; 13. Rodney Teichert and Justin Allen, 43.69 on 4, $5,500; 14. Dawson Lewis and Justin Allen, 25.09 on 3, $5,500.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Willie Coversup and KC Jensen, 6.38 seconds, $4,000; 2. Bodie Matson and Chad Steele, 6.43 seconds, $3,000; 3. Kyler Mitton and Cache Burnside, 6.82 seconds, $1,000; 3.. Jim Estill and Jason Boegle, 6.82 seconds; $1,000. 


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Thomas Braman and Kevin Poteete, 6.37 seconds, $4,000; 2. Ray Siggins and Diego Rico, 6.54 seconds, $3,000; 3. Cailee Hall and Alan Hall, 6.55 seconds, $2,000.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Tony Steele and Chad Steele, 6.61 seconds, $4,000; 2. Gus King and Jason A Eiguren, 6.69 seconds, $3,000; 3. Jason Jones and Richard Eiguren, 7.25 seconds, $2,000

BFI Reno Open Championship Results

Average Results

  1. Kolton Schmidt and Wyatt Cox, 40.27 on 6, $100,000; 2. Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan, 41.57 on 6, $55,000; 3. Colby Lovell and Paul Eaves, 42.16 on 6, $37,000; 4. John Henry Gaona and Trevor Nowlin, 42.35 on 6, $23,000; 5.Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp, 43.01 on 6, $18,000; 6. Tyler Wade and Trey Yates, 43.64 on 6, $14,000; 7. Clint Summers and Ross Ashford, 44.95 on 6, $11,000; 8. Levi Simpson and Tyler Worley, 46.11 on 6, $10,000; 9. Dillon Holyfield and Breck S Ward, 46.46 on 6, $8,000; 10. Rhett Andeerson and Cullen Teller, 46.91 on 6, $7,000; 11. Coleman Proctor and Logan Medlin, 33.38 on 5, $6,5000; 12. Cory Kidd V and Ryan D Motes, 34.70 on 5, $6,000; 13. Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison, 36.13 on 5, $5,000; 14. JB James and Brock Hanson, 39.43 on 5, $4,500; 15. Laramie Allen and Truman Magnus, 39.80 on 5, $4,000.


Fast Time Round 1

  1. Jack Graham and Calgary Smith, 6.10 seconds, $6,000; 2. Casey Hayes and Brandon Bates, 6.36 seconds, $4,000; 3. Colter Todd and Junior Nogueira, 6.37 seconds, $2,000; 4. Erich Rogers and Paden Bray, 6.48 seconds, $1,000.


Fast Time Round 2

  1. Jake Orman and Brye Crites, 5.51 seconds, $6,000; 2. Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp, 5.65 seconds, $4,000; 3. Lane Ivy and Evan Arnold, 5.73 seconds, $2,000; 4. Trey Blackmore and Kory Bramwell, 5.90 seconds, $1,000.


Fast Time Round 3

  1. Spencer Mitchell and Chris Young, 4.54 seconds, $6,000; 2. Jake Orman and Brye Crites, 4.79 seconds, $4,000; 3. Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler, 5.22 seconds, $2,000; 4. Josh Torres and Jonathan Torres, 5.25 seconds, $1,000.


Fast Time Round 4

  1. Spencer Mitchell and Chris Young, 4.76 seconds, $6,000; 2. Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves, 4.91 seconds, $4,000; 3. Peyton Walters and Colton Brittain, 5.10 seconds, $2,000; 4. Tanner Baldwin and Clay Elkington, 5.13 seconds, $1,000.


Fast Time Round 5

  1. Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves, 4.47 seconds, $6,000; 2. Clay Smith and Jade Corkill, 4.57 seconds, $4,000; 3. Tanner James and Pace Blanchard, 4.59 seconds, $2,000; 4. Jack Graham and Calgary Smith, 4.77 seconds, $1,000.


Fast Time Round Short Go

  1. Tyler Wade and Trey Yates, 5.27 seconds, $3,000; 2. Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp, 5.36 seconds, $2,000; 3. Levi Simpson and Tyler Worley, 5.70 seconds, $1,000; 4. Rhett Anderson and Cullen Teller, 5.88 seconds, $1,000. 

Past BFI Champs Patrick Smith and Kory Koontz Are Here for the Money at Reno Open

By Kendra Santos

Patrick Smith and Kory Koontz have celebrated some of the most memorable moments of their cowboy careers right here in the Reno Livestock Events Center. They’re both on the back side of 40, so have seen more of their rodeo careers in the rearview mirror than is yet in front of them in that windshield. So what brings this pair of past BFI champs to the BFI Reno Championship presented by Wild Rag Vodka? That’s easy—today’s winning team will skip town $100,000 richer.

Patrick—who’s 41 and pulling pipes for 2020 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year Tanner Tomlinson here at the Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West Reno Rodeo and also the Reno Open—won the 2005 Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping Classic with Clay Tryan, and struck again right here in this building in 2013 with Cowboy King Trevor Brazile.

Tanner Tomlinson and Patrick Smith running one down at the Reno Open. Andersen C Bar C Photo


“There’s prestige to this place,” said Smith, who won gold team roping buckles with Tryan in 2005 and Brazile in 2010. “As Tanner put it, he always wanted to rope at the BFI here. He didn’t get his chance after COVID shut Reno down in 2020. But this Reno Open is a great roping in its own right. And us coming to Reno for the rodeo and this roping is a great way to kick off Cowboy Christmas 2021.”

Koontz—who’ll be 50 on July 30—won his third BFI buckle in March with Manny Egusquiza at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Kory first struck BFI gold here in Reno with Rube Woolsey in 1995, then went back-to-back when he and Matt Tyler got the BFI W in 1996.

“I would not be here at the Reno Open today if I hadn’t won the BFI this year,” said 22-time NFR heeler Kory, aka Dawg. “I’m not chasing points and trying to make another NFR anymore. But we don’t get many chances to rope at ropings that pay like this one does.

Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz won the 2021 BFI at the Lazy E earlier this year, and are back to do battle at the Reno Open. Andersen C Bar C Photo


“I made the decision to come here because I did win the BFI earlier this year. I know this isn’t technically the BFI, but no one’s ever had the chance to go back-to-back at two BFI ropings in one year before. Just being here is an opportunity no one’s ever had before.”

After a sketchy first-round run, Manny and Kory fought back with 5.9, 5.9 and 7 flat in rounds two through four. (They were yet to rope their fifth steer when this story went up.)

“I’ve had some very memorable days in this building over the years,” Kory said. “And this is a great-paying roping. I’m mostly going to circuit and amateur rodeos, giving private lessons and riding outside horses now. I’m still competing a lot, just closer to home. But a roping this big has brought a lot of us out of the woodwork.”

About Junior Nogueira and Colter Todd Teaming up at the Reno Open: It’s a God Thing

By Kendra Santos

On the ranch or in the arena, Colter Todd is as cowboy as they come. He shocked a lot of people when he rode quietly away from his rodeo career after roping at three straight Wrangler National Finals Rodeos from 2006-08. Those people don’t know Colter Todd. There’s a ton of buzz today in the Reno Livestock Events Center about how exactly Colter came to be heading for Junior Nogueira here at the BFI Reno Championship presented by Wild Rag Vodka. Their 6.37-second run, which was third in Round 1, kicked the roping rumor mill into high gear. Here’s the story about how we got here, but make no mistake—win, lose or draw, this has all been a God thing.

This unexpected curveball started bouncing when Kaleb Driggers’ head horse fell at a jackpot in Mount Pleasant, Texas, on June 2. He was roping with Wesley Thorp when that head horse went down and broke Driggers’ left hand. He’s since been playing a hopeful round of beat the clock on doctors’ expectations that it’d take four to six weeks to heal up enough to rope.

Todd and Nogueira going 6.37 in Round 1. BFI Reno Photo: Andersen C Bar C Photography


Kaleb and Junior were entered in the Reno Open, and were supposed to rope yesterday at the Reno Rodeo. They got traded to the last set of the rodeo here on Friday to give Driggers a few extra days to get enough strength in his left hand to hold his coils and manage the controls/reins. But that left Junior with no spinner for today’s Reno Open, which will pay $50 grand a man and is just too big an opportunity to pass up.

“It’s never a good time to get hurt, but coming into Reno is a terrible time,” Junior said. “All the rigs are here, and everyone’s excited and entered in the Reno Open. This time of year has a lot to do with who makes the NFR, and from this day forward is when we really get it.

“When I realized Kaleb wouldn’t be ready for this must-not-miss roping, my very first thought was Jake (Barnes, who got Junior to his first NFR in 2014). But I knew he was already entered with Clay O (Cooper). So I thought of Colter. By the time I got to rodeoing early in my career, Colter was done. I don’t know him very well, but I’ve always watched Colter rope and looked up to him. The only explanation I can think of for why I thought of Colter is that it must be a God thing. He’s a good Christian, and he’s a great cowboy. He went home to ranch and raise his kids, because that’s what he loves most. We all respect him for that.”

He’s got that right. But Junior called Colter anyway. And he said no.

“When I called Colter, he said, ‘No, I can’t do that,’” Junior said. “He told me it’s been dry in Arizona, so he needed to stay home and feed his cows and make sure they have water. He also told me, ‘Oh, Kaleb will surely be ready by then.’ I told him, ‘If he’s not, you can just fly to Reno. I don’t even care what you ride. I know we can go there and win it. But if we don’t, it’ll be a great time and I’ll get to bring you back, and so many people will be so happy to see you.’

“I just kept telling Colter, ‘We have nothing to lose.’ And having this chance to win big money this time of year when everybody’s rodeoing and all the open ropings are done is too big a chance to pass up. Whoever wins or places at this roping is going to be very happy with a lot to show for it, whether they’re headed out for Cowboy Christmas or headed back home to the ranch, like Colter is.”

Junior and Colter riding out after roping their first Reno Open steer in 6.37 seconds for third in the round. Kendra Santos Photo


Colter was horseback in the arena roping bulls during the last perf at the Arizona High School Rodeo Association state finals in Prescott when he got Junior’s call. He had a new cell phone with no contacts in it yet, so he didn’t pick up the first time it rang. But when the caller tried right back, he thought it might be important.

“It was Junior, he asked about roping here in Reno and I told him, ‘No, somebody has to be there at the ranch while (Colter’s wife) Carly takes (their first-born son) Colter Lee to the junior high finals in Des Moines (Iowa, which is on now), and that’s me,’” Colter said. “I don’t want to pawn my responsibility off on somebody else.

“I was in the arena roping bulls with (Colter and Carly’s youngest son) Traven, and he asked who that was who’d called. I told him it was Junior, and he immediately said, ‘Dad, you’ve got to do it.’ I told Traven, ‘No, if I’m going to be gone, it’s going to be to go to Des Moines to watch Colter Lee.’”

Junior flew home to Brazil—where he and wife Jaqueline finally had their first post-COVID chance to introduce their baby girl, Isabella, to her grandparents and extended Brazilian family—having no idea if he’d be roping here at the Reno Open or not. Meanwhile, Colter was talking to Carly, and she was with Traven, saying, “I think you should do it.”

“I finally told Junior yes, and it’s fun to be here,” Colter said. “I kept telling him that if he found someone else, there’d be no hard feelings. In fact, that’d be great. But he didn’t, and I wasn’t going to leave him hung out to dry. Anyway, here we are and it is fun. It’s Junior. That’s like when I get to heel for (Derrick) Begay. You don’t get chances like that every day.”

Junior’s riding his buckskin horse Timon here today. Colter’s riding his kids’ sorrel horse Shiner, who’s 9. Shiner is Colter and Carly’s daughter Madilyn’s head horse, and Traden heels on him, too. Their eldest Madilyn, who’s 15 already, qualified for the National High School Finals Rodeo that’s coming up in Lincoln, Nebraska, by the way. Colter’s brother-in-law Will Woodfin, who’s married to Colter’s sister, Savannah, helped tune him up for today.

Colter lost his mom, Lori, suddenly last November. His unwavering faith has provided the same peace about that as he had when he left the rodeo trail in his prime and never looked back.

“It was a good morning at the ranch, and we were all there,” he said of the day Lori headed to Heaven when her huge heart stopped suddenly and unexpectedly. “We moved cows that morning, and my mom and dad (Larrie “Rooster” Todd) went out to feed calves, and on the last bale she was gone. It was tough, but she had a good day at the ranch with the people she loved and there was no suffering. There’s already a day picked out for all of us, so I do have peace about it.”

Colter Todd is back, if only for today. Todd and Nogueira are a solid 23.87 on three so far. 
Kendra Santos Photo


Lori Todd could not have been prouder of the cowboy and family man she raised in Colter, and she’s clearly still here in spirit.

“People always make a big deal about me leaving rodeo in my prime, but it was not hard for me,” Colter said. “I prayed about it, and God took away my desire to rodeo. I needed someone to give me answers, and that was my answer. When I ask Him for answers, I seek and I wait. Once I got that answer, there was no turning back or looking back. I wouldn’t trade what I have at home with my family now for anything.”

Duty and Eldridge Prepare For The Big Dance

If you think you can hang with the big boys on the big stage, then the Hooey Jr BFI Open roping is definitely the place to test your mettle. 


“We set this roping up exactly like The Feist.” tells BFI Owner Daren Peterson. “The goal here is to let these talented kids feel the same pressures in the same exact setup as the BFI. This just prepares them for when they make the jump and enter on Monday.”


The Priefert boxes were set at 16ft 10 inches deep and Lee Legacy ran the rope barrier off of an electric eye that was set at the same length as the box. Thus making the setup “Same As.” Add strong cattle into the mix and the Hooey Jr BFI literally turns into the regular BFI just a couple of days early. 


The Hooey Jr Open is a five header that is progressive after three. A total of 35 teams entered and by the time the short round rolled around, only a handful had captured the first four.  Cash Duty showed up to the roping from Weimar, Texas and only had one partner up until game day. He ended up heading one and heeling one and his decision definitely paid off. Cash won the first round heading for Idaho’s Jalyn Eldridge. He then came back to win the second round, heeling for James Arviso. 


Cash and Jaylyn’s day stayed solid as a rock after their first round win. The team ended up high-call and came into the short round with a commanding lead over the second high-back team. They had a fourteen second cushion but didn’t let that phase them as they put together another great run of 7.99. Their total on five head was an impressive 37.01 which averages out to 7.4 seconds on each steer. These guys are definitely prepared to compete at the big dance on Monday.


“It is so nice to be able to get some runs down before we rope on Monday.” said Duty. “Of course the win is great, but it also calms the nerves a little because we have already been behind the setup and scoring is so important at the BFI.”


The champions received $11,000 for their average win along with all the prizes from Hooey, Yeti, Gist, Heel-O-Matic, and Resistol. Cash will be heading for veteran heeler Boogie Ray (team 14) during the BFI Reno Championships on Monday while his partner Jalyn will be heeling for Jared Parke (team 33).